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Loved the clarity with which the information was presented. The information and the delivery was perfect! Just the right amount to not overwhelm. Thank you so much Daryl and Andrew. Your strategies have created an income that has replaced Heidi's job and changed our lives.

David and Heidi Cuschieri, Surfers Paradise

Read Me First

The purpose of this page is to help you decide if you want to come to our 3-day "Online Success" Training Program in June. And if you do, to give you a way to book in.

If you want the 2 minute overview, then just read the Questions (in blue) and the bits of the answers that are in Bold.

If you want more info then read the whole thing. We've also included comments from past attendees at different events we've run.

To book your place please click the box (above right), or any of the "Book Now" buttons "conveniently placed" throughout the page. Look forward to seeing you there!

What's the Training Program about?

Over three days we give you some of the very latest in what's working to make money online. You see, things change so quickly online that you need to constantly stay on top of what's working right now. At the event we show you the things that we're applying in our online businesses every day, and the results we're getting for us and our clients. We'll also show you things that are "coming soon" (sooner than you think!) so you don't get left behind.

We take you step by step through a simple process to build a successful online business. By the end of it, you'll know exactly how to create automated income online. And here's the thing – it's not rocket science! We break it down into simple, powerful steps so that by the end of the 3 days you have a clear plan to follow.

Outstanding info. I have great steps I need to action as a result of this weekend. Thank you both so much!!

Steve Carter, Gold Coast

We also include something that most internet marketers never touch on – mindset. You can have the best system in the world, but if you have sub-conscious beliefs that are holding you back, then you won't succeed. That was our experience – and we'll show you what we did to change those beliefs, and turn four and a half years of struggle into "overnight success". We'll show you how to locate and remove the sub-conscious beliefs that are sabotaging your online success. We'll also show you how to identify any inhibiting beliefs in your partner.

And we'll have some of our students share their stories, about how they've taken the information you'll learn at the event, and turned it into profitable businesses. Inspiring stuff!

When and Where is it?

The event runs for three days – 26 to 28 June 2015. Timing is 9:00am to about 6:00pm each day (depending on how many questions we get asked!). We also have a networking event on the Saturday evening where you get a chance to talk to us and other attendees one-on-one.

Because we take you through a step-by-step process over those three days it's important that you attend every session. You don't want to miss one piece of the puzzle!

We hold the event in the ballroom at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hanlan Street Surfers Paradise.

Who are you and why should I listen to you?

If you haven't met us before, we are a husband and wife team. We've being making money online for about nine years. Prior to that we worked as management consultants, solving problems for offline businesses and helping them grow.

Back when our first child was born, we set ourselves a 5-year goal to get out of our consulting business, since we were working pretty hard and exchanging hours for dollars. For the first four and a half years we tried everything! We went to every event we could find. We did property renos, share trading, forex trading, and more. We found that, while they all made money, none of them was actually passive. We were working harder than ever! It wasn't until we identified and removed our sub-conscious blocks that things really started to change for us. Within 3 months we'd "discovered" the internet, and made our first $5,000 in automated income. The next month we made over $17,000.

In total in our first year we made $250,000 in automated income. We were hooked! And we achieved our 5-year goal of stopping consulting – on the exact day that we had set 5 years earlier. How's that for the power of goal setting? The good news for you is – it actually only took us 6 months once we got our mindset right and learned the system. And that's what we're going to share with you at this event.

We've since gone on to create a multi-million dollar online business (actually a lot of smaller businesses – we believe in having multiple streams of income), that pretty much run on autopilot. We have a fantastic team of people around the world that help us with the business. We've achieved a few more goals now too: we live in beautiful Thailand, we home-school our kids, and we travel heaps!

These days we love sharing what we've learned, and watching other people's lives change as a result. We're looking forward to seeing you at our event and giving you our keys to success.

These people are genuinely here to help and inspire you to create a better life.

Julie Damant, Burleigh Heads

Please note: Just because you attend the training, we don't guarantee you'll get the same results as us. Not everybody who attends our training will be successful. Far from it! There are many people who attend our training and implement nothing, and as a result, they get nothing (except the information we provide). However, there are many people who attend our training who have applied the information and been successful – many of them more successful than us. There are some examples below.

Who is the training suitable for?

You'll learn lots from this event if you fit into any of these categories:

  • You have an existing online business that you'd like to improve. You're maybe going OK, but you feel that you could do so much more. You hear stories of other people making millions online and you want to know how to "crack it" yourself. You have a few gaps in your knowledge and you find it hard to stay up to date with the endless changes that happen online.
  • You haven't done anything online before but you'd like to learn. You feel a bit overwhelmed by the idea of learning a new system with all new jargon, but you know that you're missing out on big opportunities if you don't give it a go. You're maybe a bit nervous about "what if it doesn't work? I don't want to waste a lot of time, and I have friends and family telling me that's it's just a scam"! (We know, we got that too when we first started!). You may not even have a clear business idea. Or you may have an idea but you're not sure if it's a goer.
  • You have an existing offline business and you know you need to improve your online presence. But you're so busy running your business you don't have the time to stop and learn, or go through all the trial-and-error to figure out what's going to work. You're concerned that you're going to be left behind because you're not doing all the latest stuff, and you feel overwhelmed and just plain tired at the thought of adding "something else" to your already busy life.
  • You're an online business consultant helping your clients to get online. Maybe you run a Social Media consultancy, or an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or Website building business. You find it time-consuming to keep up with the very latest online changes while still looking after your clients. Yes we're happy to help you! We don't believe in Scarcity. There are not nearly enough great online coaches. And we often find that "competitors" become "collaborators" in the long run.

What's different about your training?

Lots! Here are the main things we do differently from other events we attend (and we've attended hundreds of events over the last few years!):

  • The 3 days cover a step-by-step process. Each session follows logically from the one before. It's not a set of random, 90-minute sales pitches.

Loved the step-by-step processes for everything – building lists, selling to them, how to create and sell memberships, etc, etc. The weekend info is invaluable.

Lynn May, Brisbane

  • Our teaching is clear, logical and simple. Because of our management consulting backgrounds we know how to get our ideas across in an easy-to-understand, systematic way.

Very informative. Would not hesitate to recommend Andrew and Daryl. Simple and effective. No tech Jargon

Katherine, Gold Coast

I loved that you didn't make it sound too difficult – you gave lots of step-by-step instructions.

Leah Hyndman, Sunshine Coast

  • It's not a "sales-fest". We make one main offer, and that's to have a 1 hour conversation with us after the event. We don't invite you to "run down the back because there are only 7 of these and you need to be quick". If you're going to work with us then it needs to be the right decision for all concerned.

I enjoyed your open sharing of knowledge and experience. Also liked the fact that it wasn't a "sell, sell, sell" event.

David Eagle, Gold Coast

  • We include a mindset component in what we do. Our experience has been that success online needs three components – mental (ie you need a proven system), physical (ie you need to actually implement that system), and emotional (ie your sub-conscious programs need to support you being successful). If you're not currently where you want to be financially, then we guarantee that there's something sub-conscious holding you back – that you may not even be consciously aware of. That was the case for us, and we show you what we did to change that and start the money flowing.
  • We invite lots of our clients to get on stage and tell you what they've achieved. Yes, some of them are very nervous because it's the first time they've spoken from stage. But they are willing to overcome the nerves if it helps and inspires you to change your life. Generally they were sitting in the audience at a previous event, and were inspired by someone getting up and telling their story. It's their way of "paying it forward", and helping us change more lives!

It was great to see lots of people being successful online and growing.

Leanne Argyle, Gold Coast

I loved seeing what normal people have achieved. You don't need to have a degree, as the real people's success stories showed. It really is possible, and can change my life.

Cherie Jaillet, Brisbane

  • We don't tease you with a little bit of information and then ask you to buy something to get the real stuff. We've had people take what they've learned at the event and make money from it immediately. Without buying anything. Some have turned the info into a few hundred dollars, others into millions. We will share some of these examples with you at the event.

Since attending the last workshop with you I have implemented a few strategies and I'm now earning $120,000 per annum, starting from zero. Thank you!

Symmone Gordon, Elanora

The workshop was genuinely a gift. Thank you! It was the most comprehensive weekend I have been to.

Graham Hyndman, Sunshine Coast

Fantastic free info. Thanks so much!

Adrian Comiskey, Gold Coast

  • We're not so much into Ra-Ra. It's just not our style. We won't be asking you to raise your hand every 7 seconds. We won't expect you to dance, or stand on your chair and shout affirmations to the universe. Feel free to do those things at home. We DO want you to be excited by what you're learning, by the possibilities, and by how your life can change as a result of the weekend. We DON'T want you to be artificially hyped up and lose momentum as soon as you get home. We teach the way we like to be taught – with clear, simple steps of a proven, successful system, and the opportunity to ask questions.

Exactly what are you covering?

Over the three days we walk you through the process we use to build a successful online business. We show you:

  • What a good online business looks like. If you don't already have an online business then this will help you to get it right from the start. If you do already have an online business but it's not going as well as you'd like, then this will help you do some trouble-shooting and figure out what needs to change. We have several successful business models we use, and we start by showing you these so you can see the "big picture'. The different business models suit different topics and lifestyles, so you get to choose from the start what your business will look like. We also show you the sorts of businesses that don't work – and that are all too common!
  • How to come up with a good business idea. Once you know your business model, you then "fill in the gaps". We show you how to find and research a profitable niche. Online, it's important to be outstanding. You need to answer the question "why should people buy from you?" There are so many great opportunities online that sometimes it's hard to narrow it down and focus. These days we find that "the opportunity of a lifetime comes along at least once a week"! We'll show you the tools we use to quickly pick a winner.
  • The most profitable things you should be selling. A strong online business sells multiple products. And ideally you should sell a mix of downloadable products (ie information products – because they're cheap to produce and free to deliver), hard products, and services. We'll show you how to decide what to sell, what price to sell them for, and how to profit from them quickly. We'll also show you how to create or source your products really easily, to bring the income in as soon as possible.

Loved learning how to monetise quickly. Wonderful 3 days learning about different business models and how to implement them.

Paul Norgrove, Petrie

  • How to get the right people to your website. We use lots of different ways to get people to visit our websites. And of course what works changes all the time! Google and Facebook are forever changing things. And there are loads of new traffic-driving strategies coming out every week. We're constantly testing and measuring what works, and we'll share this will you at the event. It's definitely an 80-20. In other words 20% of possible strategies get 80% of the results. And 80% of strategies are a waste of time. We'll show you which ones are which.

I loved the amount and level of detail you gave on the step-by-step process in building an online business easily. Learned about the 2 best business models, and the steps to develop them. Helpful ways to find and research a niche. Testing if an idea is sellable using Facebook and opt ins. And how quickly you can generate an income with membership sites.

Keri Algar, Byron Bay

  • How to get people to take action when they get to your website. Do you want your website visitors to opt in to your email list? To buy something? To give you a call? To come into your store? We'll show you the right way to do it, and also show you the most common mistakes people make on their websites. It saddens us to see people put lots of work into getting visitors to their sites, only for them to leave without taking action because of easily-avoidable mistakes.
  • How to launch the business quickly. Gone are the days when it takes months or years to launch a business. All of our strategies have a "quick launch" process built in, so you can be testing the business (and making sales) in as little as 3 days. The beauty of an online business is that you can set it up and have it profitable incredibly quickly. We'll show you three new businesses we've started in just the first two months of this year, which are well on their way to 7 figures.
  • The best ways we know to grow a multi-million dollar business. This is not for everyone, but on the last day of the event we'll show you a technique that can grow a 6 or 7 figure business in 3-6 months. We've applied or taught this technique in over 30 different businesses, with more than a 90% success rate. We'll share the details with you so you can see just how simple it really is.
  • How to leverage and automate. Heard a great quote the other day: "An entrepreneur carries the business on their back. A business owner lets the business carry them." We'll show you the techniques and tools we use so the business runs without us. These are the things that have truly given us the freedom to do what we want, when we want.

You showed me how I can stop trading hours for money. You opened my mind to the possibilities. Time very well spent. Enlightening experience. Andrew and Daryl, thank you so much for providing a new way to look at solving a situation I have been dissatisfied with for so long.

Jason Gascoigne, Upper Coomera

  • How to create a success mindset. After four and a half years of trying to create passive income with zero success, we finally realised that the problem wasn't the systems we were using. The problem was us – specifically our sub-conscious beliefs. We had beliefs like "Making money requires hard work. If it's too easy I feel guilty" (how's that for a passive income killer?). Or "I need to take things slowly and build up my knowledge and experience" (and meanwhile all the great opportunities passed us by). We'll show you the exact techniques we used to identify and then eliminate these limiting beliefs.

You would be crazy to miss this event! It is something that will change your mindset – beliefs about yourself and about money. You'll realise that a truly passive income is easily achievable!

Heidi Cuschieri, Surfers Paradise

  • Case studies. Not sure who we'll bring up on stage yet. That's still in the planning stage. But in the past we've heard from people like this…

Jacqui Coates is an artist and single mum from the Barossa Valley. Jacqui created a great six-figure income by applying what she learned at one of our events. Jacqui now owns five properties, she's bought into a local café, and is making a great automated income from the info products she's selling. It's made such a difference to her life. In Jacqui's own words "Now I don't need to worry about money – I have a buffer zone. If I didn't work for a year I'd be fine." And the life of her dreams includes lots of travel for Jacqui and her kids. Since working with us, Jacqui and her kids have been around the world 3 times, including trips to Spain, Portugal and Morocco, a Mediterranean cruise, Paris, Barcelona, a week in Venice, and 2 weeks of luxury in Bali.

A few years ago, Andrej and Karen Brummer were working as a research scientist and bank manager, and not enjoying it very much! Their goal was to travel the world, and set up projects to support people in developing countries – not by giving handouts, but by teaching valuable skills. The automated income they created using our systems allowed them to do just that. They ended up in a remote part of Laos, and created a training restaurant which is now run by local people. Profits from the restaurant go to support the local school. Now, instead of being frustrated with the daily grind, they get up every morning knowing that they've had a profound impact. We don't know too many people who can truly say that!

You helped me see the potential through others' stories and achievements. The event was a great mix of teaching, testimonials, and question sessions. Thank you Andrew and Daryl for your generous gift of so much information. If you're going, make sure you can get to all 3 days, as each day builds on the one before.

Karen Gosling, Gold Coast

In fact if you're reading this and think you'd (GULP) like to come up on stage and share what you've done based on what you've learned from us, then please send us an email. We'll have a chat with you and let you know.

What are you selling?

At the event we make one main offer for those who would like to continue their training with us. We have a high-level coaching program,and if you'd like to be considered for a place in that program (these days we only take a handful of clients a year), then we ask you to fill out an application form. We talk to you the week after the event so we can jointly decide if the program will suit you. We're not into hard-sell. We're not cheap. We DO get results. 'Nuf said?

What if I have other questions?

We'd love to hear from you! Shoot us an email or go to our Facebook page. Links are at the top and bottom of this page.

How do I book?

Any of the "Book Now" buttons on the page will take you to the registration form. Please double check the spelling of your name, as this is what will appear on your name tag.

If you'd like to bring a friend then you can register them after you have registered yourself and hit the "Submit" button.

If you are bringing more than one person that's fine. Simply come back to this page and repeat the booking process by clicking on one of the "Book Now" buttons, and then adding the extra people.

Even though the event is free you do need to be registered to gain entry.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Andrew and Daryl Grant

I loved Daryl and Andrew's integrity and genuine interest to help others succeed. There was also a healthy dose of humour interwoven. I got a whole lot of new tips. But more than anything you inspired me to take action more quickly. You guys know your stuff. You provided lots of proof that your systems work. Extremely well presented. If I had started with you guys 3 years ago I would have spent a lot less, and would already be financially free. Thanks guys, you kicked my butt! Going home with renewed enthusiasm and motivation to implement. As a trained teacher with 30+ years experience – trust me, you are excellent teachers and I can't fault your instructional design. Succinct and effective! Well done, loved every minute!

Jade Campbell, Gold Coast

Excellent content, well presented. Very valuable – content can be applied straight away. It was great. Many thanks!

Lyn Bramich, Sydney

Great overview and step-by-step info to follow. Online marketing is not about trying to manipulate Google, it's about providing great content and value. I really enjoyed your clients' stories showing what's possible. Great information, well worth the time, and no hard selling.

Jon Bruce, Sydney

Fantastic course. Very giving. Great information!

Margaret Stolmack, Gold Coast


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