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How To Use Facebook To Grow Your Business

16 – 18 February 2018
Mantra on View, Boulevard Room
22 View Avenue Surfers Paradise

Join Kerry Fitzgibbon over three exhilarating days at Mantra on View, Boulevard Room
22 View Avenue Surfers Paradise

You’ll learn how to harness the power of Facebook to grow a group of raving fans who love buying from you.

If you’re not doing Facebook marketing the right way you’re leaving SO MUCH money on the table! Yet we all know how quickly and how often Facebook changes. It’s vital that you keep up with what’s working – or risk being left behind.

Kerry Fitzgibbon is Australia’s leading Facebook marketing expert. She works with businesses all over the world helping them create long term incomes from Facebook. Her main focus is on using Facebook to make money – not just to make friends.

In this exciting, new 3-day workshop Kerry will show you what’s working right now. Many things that were working even just 6 months ago are now just expensive and ineffective. At this event you’ll learn the very latest ways to quickly get warm, targeted traffic from Facebook.

Jacob McLuskie
Positive Existence Personal Training

Without FB I’d just be a typical PT trying to get my next client and working a second job at night!

I’ve been running a PT business for about 6 ½ years. We have 22 locations in Qld and WA. We mostly use FB to bring in leads and we’ve been working with Kerry for about 2 months now. On FB, we promote a 4 week intro bootcamp for just $47. Once people have bought, we upsell them to ongoing programs. Our continuity products bring in about $20,000 a week. Since we’ve been working with Kerry we’ve been able to reduce our cost per lead down to just $3.50. We have a 33% conversion rate to a long term client with a value of $1,000. That means that it now costs us just $10 to make $1,000. That also makes it easy to licence our business model to other PTs.

Hi, I’m Kerry Fitzgibbon. Over the last 6 years I’ve worked with thousands of small businesses around Australia to help them implement the latest Facebook marketing. I’m passionate about being cutting edge when it comes to Facebook marketing. So it surprises me just how many businesses (and even other Social Media agencies and trainers) are using outdated methods.

Facebook changes so often and so fast that it’s critical you keep up if you want to get the biggest bang for your marketing bucks.

Over the last few years I’ve attended many international Social Media events, watched every webinar and podcast I could find, and paid tens of thousands of dollars to be mentored by the most skilled Facebook marketers on the planet.

So how does that help you?

Well, together with Our Internet Secrets I’ve created a brand new, up-to-the-minute 3-day event. It’s choc-full of the very latest marketing strategies.

Many of the things that were working even 6 months ago are now out of date. I’ll be showing you the changes you need to be making to your Facebook marketing – or how to get set up the right way if you’re not yet using Facebook to promote your business.

Scott Ferguson

Adrian Wright

Andrew Kavanagh

Greg Vinall

What’s the Training Program about?

This program will show you how to harness the awesome power of the world’s largest social media site in a way that will take your business to the next level. Facebook is undeniably a fantastic opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. However very few really know how to harness its power to build their business and profit from it.

In this workshop Kerry will show you:

  • How to rapidly generate hundreds of hot leads a day using Facebook marketing. Gone are the days when you need to spend hours every day on Facebook. Kerry will show you how, in just 20 minutes a day, you can double your opt-in rates, increase sales by up to 15-fold, and at the same time reduce your social media marketing spend by up to 90%.
  • The secret to massively increasing your sales. Did you know that a person who joins your list from Facebook will buy 3 times as much as someone who comes from a Google search? It’s critical for every business to use Facebook marketing. Unfortunately most businesses are still doing Facebook Marketing the old way – and it’s costing them dearly.
  • Nuts-and-bolts, step-by-step training in how to use Facebook to generate an income. If you’re keen to put your learnings into place straight away, Kerry will give you the nuts-and-bolts of “how to implement Facebook the right way” in your business. Follow Kerry’s step-by-step, easy-to-follow formula for rapid marketing results.

“I really enjoyed the whole workshop, especially learning about how to create audiences, getting free traffic with Facebook Lives and how to get existing clients to buy more from you.”
Claudia Haspel, Gold Coast

  • Over three days you’ll get the very latest in what’s working on Facebook. You see, things change so quickly with Facebook that you need to constantly stay on top of what’s working right now. At the event Kerry will show you the things that she’s applying in her own (and others’) online businesses every day, and the results she’s getting. She’ll also show you things that are “coming soon” (sooner than you think!) so you don’t get left behind.
  • And she’ll share some of her clients’ stories, about how they’ve taken the information you’ll learn at the event, and turned it into profitable businesses. Inspiring stuff!

Darren Hunter

“We’re breaking all records thanks to Kerry’s help with Facebook”

Kerry has been managing my Facebook marketing for about 6 months now.

As a property management trainer, speaker and consultant I’m always looking for ways to stand out in the Real Estate industry.

I’ve been running 7 national “Geared For Growth” events including Auckland NZ, together with Deniz Yusuf teaching how to grow your rent roll numbers. Before Kerry’s help we were unable to market our events successfully using Facebook.

Not anymore!

Thanks to Kerry I smashed through my goal of 200 registrants – we actually had over 450 people registered. In fact it was so successful that the first event in Brisbane sold out, and I had to run a second event there.

We’re breaking all records thanks to Kerry’s help with Facebook.

When and Where is it?

The event runs for three days – 16-18 February 2018. Timing is 9:00am to about 6:00pm each day (depending on how many questions you ask!). There is also a networking event on the Saturday evening where you get a chance to talk to Kerry and other attendees one-on-one.

Because Kerry takes you through a step-by-step process over those three days it’s important that you attend every session. You don’t want to miss one piece of the puzzle!

Who is Kerry Fitzgibbon?

If you haven’t met Kerry before, for the last 5 years Kerry’s been working with businesses all over the world, helping them implement the very latest Facebook marketing strategies. As a former radio host and TV journalist, Kerry’s been involved in marketing and communication for over 17 years.

If you’ve met Kerry before you’ll know she’s a woman not to be messed with! This passionate, tenacious, and determined woman is a regular marathon runner, having completed 8 marathons with a personal best of 3 hours 21 mins. Never one to miss a marketing opportunity, she is the proud owner of the “Marathon Girl” sportswear brand, who’s logo is “Never mess with a woman who runs 42km just for fun”, which of course she promotes on Facebook.

Her other passions are shoes (with a PB of 47 pairs), and her 2 beautiful babies, Teaghan and Kaeleb.

Kerry applies her inexhaustible energy to learning about, applying and coaching others in Facebook Marketing. As one of her many clients joked recently: “Never mess with a woman who makes millions of dollars on Facebook, just for fun!”

Kerry’s clients include some of the biggest names in online marketing in Australia:

Andrew & Daryl Grant
Our Internet Secrets

Matt & Amanda Clarkson
Easy Home Business

Glenn Twiddle
Real Estate Training

Please note: Just because you attend the training, there is no guarantee you’ll get the same results as others. Not everybody who attends the training will be successful. Far from it! There are many people who attend training programs and implement nothing, and as a result, they get nothing (except the information provided). However, there are many people who’ve attended Kerry’s training who have applied the information and been successful. There are some more examples below.

Glenn Twiddle
Real Estate Training

“I’m really glad I found Kerry with her unique skills on Facebook”

A couple of weeks ago I was host to Richard Branson at one of my events. I had over 1,000 people attend. The reason I’m able to get those sorts of numbers is the help I’ve had from Kerry Fitzgibbon in my FB marketing. Kerry handled it all for me. Her FB skills were beyond good. Using her remarketing strategies the results were incredible. My cost per conversion dropped by over 80%, from $97-$197 to just $17-$20 to get someone to come to my seminar. I can’t imagine how much money I wasted back when I was doing it myself.

Who is the training suitable for?

You’ll learn lots from this event if you fit into any of these categories:

  • The skyrocketing entrepreneur. You’ve started a great business, and you’re really excited about all the possibilities. You love applying the 80/20 principle, because you know that “20% of your effort gets you 80% of your results”. You think maybe Facebook should be one of the leading strategies you use – and you’re keen to learn from the best, how to use Facebook the right way.
  • The work-from-home mum. With one or more kids under five, you’re keen to spend as much time as you can with your kids before they start school. You’re great at multi-tasking (you’re a mum, after all!) and you use Facebook socially. But you’re not sure about the best ways to use it to set up or grow a business. Your secret dream is to create a business that goes so well that it completely changes the financial future of your family. Now you just need a helping hand to make it a reality.

“I’ve wanted to start a business in social media for quite some time. Until now I hadn’t pieced it together enough to get started. Now I can say ‘I have a social media business’.”
Deb McDiarmid, Sydney, NSW

  • The “I wish I could make it work better” frustrated business owner. You’re maybe going OK, but you feel that you could do so much more. You hear stories of other people making millions online and you want to know how to “crack it” yourself. You have a few gaps in your knowledge, especially around Facebook, and you find it hard to stay up to date with the endless changes that happen.

“The amount of info was amazing. Content was fabulous.”
Kimbra O’Keeffe, Sunshine Coast, Qld

  • The newbie. You feel a bit overwhelmed by the idea of learning a new system with all new jargon, but you know that you’re missing out on big opportunities if you don’t give a Facebook business a go. You’re maybe a bit nervous about “what if it doesn’t work? I don’t want to waste a lot of time, and effort”! You may not even have a clear business idea. Or you may have an idea but you’re not sure if it’s a goer.

“Just go. If you’re new to Facebook it will give you a great overview. If you’re more experienced it will help you put some monetising ideas into action.”
Brigid Chapman, Lennox Head, NSW


Briony Chapman

  • The “I’m too busy for Facebook, but I know I need to do it or get left behind” business owner. You’re so busy running your business you don’t have the time to stop and learn, or go through all the trial-and-error to figure out how to make Facebook work. You’re concerned that you’re going to be left behind because you’re not doing all the latest stuff, and you feel overwhelmed and just plain tired at the thought of adding “something else” to your already busy life.

“I thought that Facebook was more a place for idle chat, which is why I hadn’t bothered with it much before. Now that I know how to use it properly for business I’ll be taking much more interest. The workshop gave me some great up to date information on how to benefit from Facebook.”
John Altoft, Brisbane, Qld

Lauren Clemett
Ultimate Business Propellor

“I’ve spent $180 on Facebook ads and it’s turned into thousands!”

I’m an author and speaker and I help people raise their authority. Last year my books became best sellers, so I’ve been doing the speaking circuit. But I was finding it hard to fill my workshops. As soon as Kerry switched on FB ads I had full workshops! I already had a database, and Kerry plugged that into FB and it all happened like magic. And the people that turn up to the workshops are the perfect audience. Even the look-alike audience is a perfect match. At my half day personal branding workshops I sell a membership program. With workshops filled from FB I’m getting an 80% conversion rate.

What’s different about Kerry’s training?

Lots! Here are the main things Kerry does differently from other events you may have attended:

  • You’ll learn how to use Facebook to make money – not just to make friends. Facebook has changed a lot over the last couple of years. One of the most significant changes is that it’s now one of the most powerful ways to market your business. You see, Facebook knows SO MUCH about each of its users, that your ads can be targeted incredibly accurately. This means that you get a much higher response to your advertising. And so your return on your advertising dollars is much higher than other methods. But you need to know how to use Facebook the right way. Using out-of-date methods can be very costly – and in some cases can even get your Facebook account shut down. Kerry will show you the best, most up-to-date Facebook marketing methods.
  • The 3 days cover a step-by-step process. Each session follows logically from the one before. It’s not a set of random, 90-minute sales pitches.

Nick Schuster


Brad Flynn


“I came unsure just how much I’d take away from it and whether I’d get any real value out of it. I paid $400 in airfares to get here, plus left my family for a week. I’m just so excited and thankful for what I have gained from these 3 days and I feel empowered, not overwhelmed. It was very well presented and surprised me how well I was able to follow. Thank you so much.”
Sheryn Rehrmann, Adelaide, SA

  • Kerry’s teaching is clear, logical and simple. Because of her communication and journalism background she knows how to get her ideas across in an easy-to-understand, systematic way.

“Excellent content explained in easy steps. Great value.”
Eddie Rodgers, Brisbane, Qld

  • It’s not a “sales-fest”. Kerry makes one main offer, and that’s to have a 1 hour conversation with her after the event. She won’t invite you to “run down the back because there are only 7 of these and you need to be quick”. If you’re going to work with Kerry then it needs to be the right decision for all concerned.
  • You’ll get to learn by watching live demonstrations. It’s one thing to understand Facebook marketing concepts, but you get a real “ah-ha” by watching the techniques demonstrated on the big screen. With this level of detailed knowledge, you can take home the learnings and apply them straight away.

“Good to catch up on the new changes to Facebook in the last 12 months. Loved the demos. Would highly recommend this workshop.”
Carolyn Darby, Melbourne, Vic

  • Kerry won’t tease you with a little bit of information and then ask you to buy something to get the real stuff. She’ll give you practical, easy-to-implement strategies that you can take home and apply straight immediately.

“I learned strategies I can take home and implement straight away. You’d be crazy not to go! It’s free and you’ll learn the latest and greatest social media strategies. You can’t lose.”
Sarah Browne, Gold Coast, Qld

  • The workshop will be interesting and fun. Kerry is a lively and entertaining presenter. The 3 days will fly by as the secrets to building a great Facebook business unfold.

“The workshop has a fun atmosphere. From Kerry’s laugh you can tell she is passionate about her work.”
Nicholas Fairbairn, Tallebudgera Valley, Qld

“Kerry was a great presenter. Kept it interesting. Pace was great throughout. Learned how to use Facebook to test the viability of an idea before spending money on product development. Loved it. Would highly recommend it.”
Shane Smith, Melbourne, Vic

Exactly what is Kerry covering?

Over the three days Kerry will walk you through the process she uses to grow successful Facebook business. She’ll show you:

  • How to test if your business idea is a winner. If you’re still looking for a great business idea, or if you have an idea but you’re not sure if it’s a goer, Kerry will show you a couple of quick ways to use Facebook to test it out. In just a few days, and for under $100, you can know if your idea is going to be a winner or a dud – before you put any major time and effort into it
  • How to get the basics right. Even experienced Facebook marketers often get this wrong. Is your Facebook page optimised so that it appears in a Google search for your main keywords? Do visitors to your Facebook page immediately know what your business is about, and how and why they should buy from you? One or two tweaks of an existing Facebook page can reap massive rewards. And if you don’t already have a Facebook business page then setting it up correctly from the start will help your business grow much more quickly
  • How to rapidly grow a following of people who love your brand. It used to be that the primary goal with a Facebook Business page was to get Likes. Not anymore! If you’re still focusing on getting Likes then your Facebook marketing is outdated – and much more expensive than it should be. Kerry will share with you the latest advertising technique that’re running rings around Like ads – and for a fraction of the cost!
  • Clever tactics that “snowball” your business growth. Once you have built a following on your business page then there are lots of ways to leverage this, to grow your business really quickly. Kerry will show you how to grow your business exponentially, so you rapidly come to dominate your chosen niche

“Loved the in depth, step-by-step training and strategies – the steps for finding niche markets and setting up Facebook pages to target those markets, how to pick a winning topic, how to create and run a money post, advanced advertising strategies, how to gather and analyse results.”
Bill O’Donnell, Brisbane, Qld

  • The top 5 ways to reduce your advertising costs. How would you like to drop your advertising costs by 50 to 90%…? For an existing business this can massively increase your profits. And these are the sorts of results that Kerry regularly gets for her clients. She’ll show you how, step-by-step, at the workshop
  • The best ways to monetise your Facebook traffic. Despite the platform becoming more commercial, you still need to be careful not to sell too hard on Facebook. If you do, you risk either being banned by Facebook, or getting a roasting from your fans. So it’s important to do it the right way – and Kerry will show you many ways she and her clients have used to make mega-bucks from Facebook marketing

Michelle Grey


“Great info on how to create a FB page, build a list, set up FB ads, get your cost per conversion very low, and how to monetise your business.”
Jason Everest, Sydney, NSW

  • How to get free traffic from Facebook. Yes it is still possible, although the techniques you need to use are vastly different from what was working a year ago. If you’re using outdated tactics and wondering why the traffic has dried up, then you’ll get some real ah-ha’s at the workshop
  • How to write Facebook ads that get results. It’s always a balance between what Facebook will allow, and what will appeal to your clients. Kerry will give you lots of tips and hints, and show you plenty of examples of ads that worked – and ads that bombed
  • Facebook Remarketing, aka “Facebook marketing on steroids”! One of the most powerful strategies you can use is Facebook Remarketing – which allows you to “stalk” your website visitors and show them highly targeted ads on Facebook. With this technique, Kerry’s clients have seen opt in rates double, conversion rates increase anywhere from 2- to 15-fold, and ad costs drop by half, and in some cases by 90%. Applying this technique will give you an unstoppable competitive edge, because very few people are using this tactic properly
  • Demos and case studies. Kerry has a long list of successful clients. She has permission to show you inside some highly profitable campaigns. Here’s a small selection of some of the successes she’s helped create:

Patons Place is a jewellers with two stores in Victoria. They specialise in exceptionally high quality diamonds and precious stones, which they source globally.

Kerry recently helped them promote their renovation sale, and they made $128,000 in just 4 weeks. What surprised them most was that they had people driving from the other side of Melbourne for the sale, which had never happened before. They are also selling custom rings valued at $2-$5K to fans of their page, and with Facebook Ads.

* Disclaimer

Sam Penny runs a cheese club, Cheese Therapy. They do 90% of their marketing on Facebook. Once a month they send out a box of amazing cheeses from all over the world to their members. When the business was only 5 months old they were shipping half a tonne of cheese a month. These days that’s up over a tonne of cheese a month. They also run cheese and wine events, which they promote on Facebook. They have over 1,000 people turn up each month to their events. With Kerry’s help to do Facebook remarketing their ad costs have come right down. In Sam’s words “I learned the Facebook strategies we’ve used to grow the business from Kerry, and you can see we’ve gotten incredible results. Kerry’s training is absolutely bloody brilliant!”

* Disclaimer

Nick Sommerlad is the owner of Motorcycle-Fairing, an online store providing after-market fairings for road bikes around Australia. He recently applied Kerry’s Facebook Remarketing training, and here are the results so far:

His advertising costs dropped 23% as soon as he applied the first strategy
After applying a slightly more advanced strategy, his costs dropped a further 62%!
His Facebook marketing now costs him only one-tenth of what he’s paying on Google
His monthly income increased by 46% in the first 4 weeks, and has now doubled since he started 8 weeks ago – and it doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon!

* Disclaimer

What are you selling?

At the event Kerry will make one main offer for those who would like to get some personal help from her. She has a high-level program where she works closely with you to implement the strategies you learn at the workshop. If you’d like to be considered for a place in that program (because it’s quite intensive, she only takes a handful of clients a year), then she’ll ask you to fill out an application form. Kerry will talk to you the week after the event so you can jointly decide if the program will suit you.

Please note: Kerry’s high-level program has limited places and will not be available to everybody at the workshop. Entrance to the program is by application only, details of which will be given at the workshop.

What if I have other questions?

Send through an email or go to the Facebook page.

How do I book?

Any of the “Book Now” buttons on this page will take you to the registration form. Please double check the spelling of your name, as this is what will appear on your name tag.

If you’d like to bring a friend then you can register them after you have registered yourself and hit the “Submit” button.

If you are bringing more than one person that’s fine. Simply come back to this page and repeat the booking process by clicking on one of the “Book Now” buttons, and then adding the extra people.

Even though the event is free you do need to be registered to gain entry.

Even though the event is free you do need to be registered to gain entry. “Brilliant workshop, highly valuable, loved it. Kerry rocked! Thank you!!”
Karen Low, Gold Coast, Qld

“I’ve learned so much from people who know what they’re talking about.”
Mell Danielsen, Brisbane, Qld

“Really great current information delivered by professional experts in the field.”
Leanne Argyle, Gold Coast, Qld

“Amazing information. Very helpful in clarifying a rather confusing subject. Anyone could benefit from the information presented.”
Linda Williams, Gold Coast, Qld

“So generous in sharing your wealth of knowledge!”
Lisa Loakes, Brisbane, Qld

“Energetic and informative. Up-to-date info.”
Sharon Butcher, Melbourne, Vic

Gordon Walker

Bob Johnson

Derek Carey

Robyn Barraclough

Daniel Coffey

Neil Finlay


Karen Anderson


Greg Gordon


The testimonials on this website are from real and satisfied clients. However their results may not be your results. Specific results can not be guaranteed and results may vary from person to person